Human Beings are Way Off Track

Stress and anxiety has a purpose. It’s nature’s way of telling you your life is off the rails, off track. Bhakti yoga calls for rejuvenation of the human spirit, when the human vitality is being used for its true purpose, then change will take place. Change for the better in the environment, in relationships, in the well being of all living beings.

The Allotted Human Ecological Footprint

How should we live? How can know how much is too much and how much is too little? The Vedic knowledge of ancient India has a simple formula, and offers the wisdom and technology to live in this most harmonious way.

Revitalizing a True Human Civilization

This is a full length talk from Devamrita Swami. He speaks on the topic of how we can live in a more harmonious way with nature and all living beings, based on a verse from the Srimad Bhagavatam - the ancient vedic knowledge in encyclopaedic form. The talk was presented in Los Angeles, 29th June 2018.

Clarity Is The Purpose Of Yoga Postures And Breathing Exercises

Over 18 million people in the USA practice some kind of physical yoga, but over 90% of them don’t understand that the purpose of the physical exercises is to make you peaceful so that you can then begin to analyse the story that is pushing your life, so that you can then understand your self-identity and what you are a part of.

A Higher Version of Material Happiness

Switched on people have realised that plain old selfish ways of happiness don't really bring happiness. So they extend their vision and understanding beyond themselves to the greater good, for others and for the world we live in. Is this higher version of material happiness free from complications, kick backs and undesirable footprints? The vedic version says we need to lift our vision higher still.

Dream or Reality?

When you wake up in the morning do you really wake up? Could you be living in more of a dream than you realise? The ancient yoga texts are all about waking up to our ultimate reality.

Happiness Event Penn State

Promo video for the Happiness event held at Penn State April 2018 with two unique and cutting edge intellectuals - Sam Richards and Devamrita Swami.

Is it Possible to be Happy all the Time?

Brilliant question and a brilliant answer from the Happiness Event at Melbourne University March 2018

I Propose...

What I’m proposing is that we connect our contemporary society to the ancient yoga knowledge. Knowledge so refined and exquisite, knowledge that is reasonable and accessible - enter the laboratory and experience it for yourself.

How to Desire in Perfection

Desire is expressed through the senses, so a lifestyle in which the senses are engaged and connected to the Supreme Whole is taught in the ancient yoga texts as the way to desire in perfection.