Do you have Happiness Anxiety?

Happiness anxiety? Who would have thought there would be such a thing! But As long as we strive for happiness on the material plane there are problems. There's anxiety “Am I happy?” The yoga texts explain that there are two prerequisites for happiness, even material happiness. These prerequisites are: 1. to have mastery over the mind and senses and 2. to have knowledge of a beneficial lifestyle.

God Gave us These Bodies to Enjoy?

We all want to enjoy, to be happy, that is natural. So these bodies, that is what they are meant for right? Perhaps not... The bhakti yoga texts which trump the most sublime happiness knowledge gives us insight into the real value and use of the human body.

Essential Ingredient for Happiness - Knowledge of Interconnectivity

Everything we do affects everything else. How then can we act in such a way that everyone is benefited? Sustainable happiness, happiness which doesn't exploit other people, other species or the environment is truly found when we have knowledge of the interconnectivity of all living entities and their source, the Supreme source.

Who is a Materialist?

The yoga texts of ancient India explain, and modern science and psychology is beginning to find that a major cause of the world's anxiety problems come from materialism. The yoga texts hone right in, and describe who is really a materialist, and how one can live free from stress and anxiety by understanding the nature of the non-material self and applying the technology to live in this world but not be of it.

The 2 Problems With Material Happiness and What to do About it!

Material happiness has two major problems yet because we know nothing higher we resign ourselves to it, you've gotta get something right? In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna urges us to seek happiness beyond the temporary body and mind, to seek and find our happiness on the level of the conscious self, the level of the soul.

Is it Possible to Stop Desires?

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to get rid of all your desires? You may be surprised but all over the world people do think about this. Why? Desire being such a powerful energy, if it is out of control you can feel maddened and hopeless. Is it actually possible to stop desire?

Can Today's Problems be Classified as Institutional?

In every major aspect of existence today we have problems. Environmental problems, political problems, economic problems, relationship problems, food distribution and health problems... the list doesn't end there. We try and tackle each 'problem' as if it stands alone from the rest, but our attempts prove futile. What is the root cause of all this plight? Do we have an institutional problem or do we have a human problem?