Dare to be different

“A clinical psychologist, Mary Pipher, age 72, writes: “I love the world but I cannot stay. Death is democratic and we will all participate in its enactment. I will miss the beauty all around me. I have taken so much pleasure in the natural world, in people and books, in music and art, in cups of coffee and lolling cats. If I knew that I had a month left to live, I wouldn’t spend my time much differently than I do now.”
To the Marys of the world and everyone else: No matter how much time you think you have left, please do spend your days and nights “much differently.” Through applied spiritual technology, break out, immediately or gradually, from materially immersed lifestyles.
Always increase the bhakti-yoga quality of your life, so that self realization, the Love Supreme, is at your fingertips.

Devamrita Swami