Thriving In Chaos: Maximizing Your Life & Uplifting Others

His Holiness Devamrita Swami shares the power of Bhakti Yoga wisdom with the students & youth of today in dealing with the challenges of a crisis like the current pandemic, and how we can not only survive, but thrive in the midst of such crises, and do the greatest good for ourselves and others.

Talk with KCSoc student society (UK) on Wednesday 14th October 2020.

A Monk's Perspective on Covid-19

It used to be that the world was dealing with two mammoth, apocalyptic twins--the increasingly brewing storm of climate change, and the ever-present specter of nuclear warfare, nagging at the back of our minds. But with the emergence of the global pandemic on the world stage, those twins have expanded into triplets.

The common thread? Humanity's reckless disregard of the laws of nature, and a lack of wise counsel to set things straight.

But this much-needed wisdom is very much at our fingertips, easily accessible and powerfully transformative, in the form of famous Bhakti Yoga texts like Bhagavad Gita.

Hit play to hear Yale University scholar and world-famous monk Devamrita Swami discuss holistic solutions to the world's dilemmas as he expertly applies ancient yoga wisdom to the problems of today.

What Really Caused Coronavirus?

The coronavirus pandemic caught everyone by surprise. Millions are affected -- economies collapsed, borders closed, livelihoods shattered & families torn asunder. And amidst the chaos, enraged yet helpless, the same searing question burns bright: who is to blame?

"It's their fault!", one side exclaims. "No, it's theirs!!" another side retorts. The blame-game escalates as society struggles to pin down the culprit amidst a heightening existential threat.

But have we ever considered that the elusive offender may well have been sitting under our very noses the whole time?

Join Devamrita Swami, a world-traveling monk, environmental advocate & astute social scholar as he discusses the oft-neglected yet glaring underlying factor in this crisis.

Run Away To Nowhere: The New Normal?

Trapped more than ever before in an already isolated, dystopian world, you may wonder: "Where have I landed? Where do I belong? How did the unthinkable become ‘normal’?" As winter creeps up on us, perhaps some of us are wondering why things are so difficult. The thought can cross our minds, "What would it be like to run away somewhere to get a break from all this..." But where do you run to? You are where your consciousness is. We are left with the question: what does the road to escape look like?

Join us for an evening of discussion with Devamrita Swami, world-traveling monk and Yale graduate, as he takes us into the realm of consciousness to find the perfect escape the heart dreams about. Make this time of great inner and outer turmoil an opportunity for the greatest transformation.

Talk given by Devamrita Swami for Mantra Lounge, Philly on 16 October, 2020.

Reinventing Happiness: the Bhakti-yoga Bliss of Anxiety

Anxiety is usually a terrible thing to feel. "Why is this happening to me? Where are we going? What can I do? What is happening to the world?" are some of the concerns and questions weighing down upon us. But anxiety may be telling you something. Indeed, Bhakti Yoga wisdom teaches us that anxiety can in fact be a friend, a guide in propelling us to both a higher level, and a deeper place, simultaneously.