Would you like to bet your

Would you like to bet your life on a purely physical theory of how life originated? Donít even bet your house. Biologists have no idea, beyond utter speculation, how life sprung on Earthó4 billion years ago, they say, from rocks, mud, and water. So then, why look for life elsewhere in the universe? Having trashed this planet, are we raring to ruin another, as well?
Whether searching for the genesis of earthly life or for the presence of extraterrestrial life, surely it helps to know what life actually is.
Fact: no scientific consensus exists for resolving this question.
The best chemical and biological brains cannot agree on a definition that distinguishes non-living matter from life.
You still opt to gamble?
Before spinning the roulette wheel, best to recall the famous junkyard challenge that the 20th century astrophysicist Fred Hoyle cleverly formulatedóa classic barrier that stands unbudgable today.
The odds of something like a bacterium emerging out of whatever primordial gunk you currently favour, Hoyle established, resemble the odds of a jumbo jet materializing from a junkyard pile after a tornado roars through.

Devamrita Swami