We mistake drowning in an ocean

We mistake drowning in an ocean of information for human advancement. Countless waves of news, opinions, and fake news overwhelm us, while a unique whirlwind, special to our times, sucks up any attempt at intelligence not firmly grounded. That funnel of a windstorm dictates that anything is knowable and every opinion on any topic is as good as any other.
In other words, no need of experts anymore because everyone is an expertóanyone can gurgle and ramble about anyone or anything.
To reject the advice of expertsóeven expertise itselfóis to mistakenly assert autonomy, to foolishly declare independence, to falsely empower oneself. How can you tell me I am wrong about anything, when we all can know everything on our own, in our own wayóno authorities or authoritativeness needed anymore? Individual and societal topsy-turviness is the only gain.

Devamrita Swami