The political and media battle

The political and media battle between globalists and nationalists dominates the news today. The globalists, urban and educated, would love a world like what John Lennon sings of in ìImagine.î No religions, barriers, or borders dividing peopleójust ìWe are the World.î
The nationalists see cosmic annihilation in that visionófew things could be more hellish. They feast daily upon a potent brew of ethnocentrism and the traditional bonds of nationhood. Passionate to fortify whatever they think is their native culture and to defend it from whomever they deem outsiders, the nationalists see nightmares of immigrants, refugeesóin short, anyone who doesnít look like them.
Both the globalistsósophisticated and cosmopolitanóand the nationalistsósimplistic and provincialóhave made a crucial error.
Both mistakenly identify with their body.
Whether, in our illusion, we assume a global or a national identity, the temporary material body is not the real self; nor are we its temporary material designations, brands, labels.

Devamrita Swami