The Unique Opportunity of Human Life

So elegantly yet erroneously, American author and political activist Barbara Ehrenreich writes: “You can think of death bitterly or with resignation, as a tragic interruption of your life, and take every possible measure to postpone it. Or, more realistically, you can think of life as an interruption of an eternity of personal nonexistence, and seize it as a brief opportunity to observe and interact with the living, ever-surprising world around us.”

Bhagavad-gita pinpoints the utter disaster in her eloquent but deluding depiction of life and death. The human body is a unique opportunity that nature awards, for our realizing what never changes although the body always changes.

First understanding and then experiencing the immortality of nonmaterial individuality establishes us in genuine yoga and meditation.

Attaining this blessed stage, we know that our pure eternal individuality is what allows us to unlimitedly flourish in pure spiritual reciprocation with Krishna, the Supreme Beloved, the ultimate goal of the yoga system.

Devamrita Swami