Who wants to dive deep?

Work, relationships, entertainment, more work...in the midst of frantically trying to get your fill of fun and fulfillment, that rare person will ask: What is the real purpose of human life?

Diving deep into the essence of existence and asking the big questions is no easy thing. It requires courage and commitment. But as the bhakti-yoga texts will tell you, human beings are meant to live deep, they are meant to embark upon the quest for ultimate enlightenment. In doing so, they can truly help themselves and the whole of society.

An Invitation For The Greatest Opportunity

This human form of life is a great opportunity. Comprehensive spiritual knowledge does exist. Answers to the 'big' questions are available. And others who are interested in going beyond the hum drum do exist. We invite you to embark upon this most exciting journey and experience the wealth of life that Krishna offers in the Bhagavad Gita.

The Key To Real Happiness

Once we understand what the goal of human civilisation is, everything becomes clear. Until then, we risk squandering our precious life away. We have the golden opportunity that a human birth affords, lets use it wisely, developing ourselves with meaning and purpose on the level of enlightenment.

Unearth - Spiritual Solutions for Sustainability

A presentation given at the University of Pennsylvania, August 2016 on how we can bring about sustainability in every realm of our existence.

Escapism or Solutions?

Is spiritual life escapism? From one viewpoint it may seen that way. Try on another perspective - spiritual life, or more precisely bhakti yoga, is all about solutions.


History that shouldn't be repeated

Those who don't study history are condemned to repeat it. What is our history? By studying the pure knowledge of Bhagavad Gita we come to understand that our history does not begin with this body and end with this body but spans over countless lifetimes doing the same old thing, each time. It's a cycle that lacks the substance to satisfy the self and thus is history that shouldn't be repeated. With sublime knowledge we can learn the art how to spring beyond to the ever fresh and exciting world of Bhakti Yoga, which puts an end to our material history.

Education to bring out the best in you

Could there be a crisis in our educational systems? The understanding that education is meant to develop character and profound understanding has been lost. Now the bottom line rules - education is for economic enhancement, and any other purpose is a frill. Where to find the most valuable knowledge for which the human life is meant?


You Become What You Hear

There is nothing innocent about sound. Sound can introduce you to reality or sound can keep you trapped in the matrix of illusion. Your destiny is determined by the sound vibrations that you surround yourself with. Examine that sound and ask: are they reinforcing your attachment to the impermanent or are they reawakening your true spiritual potential?

Does Karma Effect Me Even If I Don't Know About It?

The yoga texts explain that because human beings have developed consciousness they are liable for their reactions. Karma means action and for every action there's a reaction. If one doesn't know all the laws of karma is one liable to the reactions?

Beyond Frustrated Love to Bhakti

Frustrated love, or feeling stifled in our ability to give and receive love to our hearts content is unfortunately familiar to most of us, if we are honest. How we can transform that frustrated energy into the most sublime and positive connection that will fully satisfy the heart of one and all is the art, science and culture of Bhakti Yoga. This is an insightful Soul Feast presentation on the topic given at Bhakti Lounge Wellington on 16 August 2015.